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How to Get PUK Code of Airtel

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Airtel PUK code: friends, many times you may have mistakenly obtained a PUK code on your own Airtel SIM card or it may still be a PUK code on your Airtel SIM card.

So, if you want to know the airtel puk code, this post will be very useful for all of you. I will tell you all in this post how you can get all the Airtel SIM PUK codes.

Well, I told you how to get the code of all the SIM codes in this post and to be true, each SIM has the same rule and I’ll tell you to find that puk code…

The simple rule to unlock the sim from puk code is to call customer service and give them information about you and then they will give you information about puk code.

how to get PUK code of Airtel

To get the Airtel PUK code, you can follow the steps below …

Step 1. If you can not call customer service number 198 or 121 from your phone, call these numbers from any other phone that has an Airtel SIM.

Step 2. As they say, by following these instructions, press 1 or press 2 and continue. Then, in the end, press the key to talk to the customer service, press the key.

Step 3. When you are connected to a customer service team, give them your information and they will ask you for information about that SIM that you must report correctly and then you will be provided with the code of your Airtel SIM code.

Now enter this number in your mobile phone where you are looking for the code, and then you can easily open the puk code of your Airtel sim.

How to find the Airtel Puk code [2nd Tricks]

Another way is by visiting the My Airtel account, you can get the PUK code online. For this, you can use the My Airtel application or you can log in to your Airtel Mobile by going directly to the Airtel website.

  1. First, visit the link below …
  1. Log in to your account. If your SIM can show the message, you can easily login through this OTP.
  2. As soon as you have logged in, you will find information about your PUK code here.

But this method gets a little more complicated if you do not know your account password or if you have not yet created an Airtel account.

So I would like to point out that the best way is to talk to customer service and ask them for your Airtel SIM PUK code.

And now I’m going to tell you the easiest way by which you can also get the Airtel confirmation code …


  • Simply type a message on your mobile phone and send it to 785 (send EX: 9894111100 to 785)
  • In a moment, you will receive your confirmation code on your mobile.
  • Remember that the default PIN number is: 1234 and 0000, which you may need after connecting the code.

So this was excellent writing in which you taught to get the Airtel SIM puk code, hopefully, it would have been very helpful.

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