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NCR Meaning, What is the full form of NCR?

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what is NCR full meaning

Hi friends: You may have heard many times about NCR or Delhi NCR and would like to know the full form of NCR, NCR means in Hindi. If so, then you are in the right place, because in this post you will be provided with complete information about the NCR with its complete form.

You may have heard the name of NCR in the newspapers or the news, and now you want to know what is the full form of NCR or what is the meaning of NCR.

There are many full forms of NCR, and I will tell you all about this here, but it is best known for Delhi NCR and the detailed information will be available to everyone in this post.

So, let us know what is the full NCR form or the complete for of NCR …

What is the complete form of NCR?

The most famous form among the NCR is the National Capital Region, which is well known to the people of India.

There are many more forms of NCR that you can see below …

  • Full form of NCR = national cash register
  • The complete form of NCR = No carbon required
  • Full form of NCR = Reference of numeric characters
  • The complete form of NCR = Network control room

NCR: National Capital Region

NCR means the National Capital Region. It is the metropolitan area of ​​India that covers the whole area of ​​Delhi and the urban areas of the neighboring states, which include the state … Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan.

And the important cities of these states are called NCR. We will tell you the names of each city that comes in NCR.

With a population of more than 47,000,000, it is one of the largest groups in the world. According to the law of the Planning Board of the National Capital Region, 1985, there are 23 districts of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan that have been included in the NCR.

In the first master plan for Delhi in 1962, it was recommended that a large area of ​​Delhi and the surrounding cities be developed as a metropolitan area to reduce the pressure of the population in Delhi and the result is that the NCR was developed.

Then let you know in detail how much cities of states falls on NCR …

Haryana districts that are in NCR

  • Bhiwani
  • Faridabad
  • Gurgaon
  • Jhajjar (Jhajjar and Bahadurgarh)
  • Mahendragarh
  • Panipat
  • Rewari
  • Rohtak
  • Sonipat
  • Mewat
  • Palaval
  • Jind
  • Erotic

Districts of Uttar Pradesh, which are in NCR

  • Baghpat
  • Bulandshahr
  • Gautam Buddha Nagar District (Noida and Greater Noida)
  • Ghaziabad
  • Muzaffarnagar
  • Meerut
  • Hapur

Districts of Rajasthan that are in NCR

  • Alwar
  • Bharatpur

So I hope you now know very well about the NCR. For any questions related to NCR, you can use the comment box below. And share this post to reach more people.

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