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RIP Full Form: What is the Full Form of RIP

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What is the Full Form of RIP

Hello friends, as the Internet world grows, words also get smaller. Saying this is that people have started using Short Form more frequently on social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

In the previous post, I had written about DP Full Form and in today’s great post I will tell you everything that means RIP.

Your friends on the Internet use the new word and you need to know the meaning of these words and RIP is one of them. If you do not know the meaning of RIP, then this article has been written for you so you can understand it.


You may often see on social networks that when the news of someone’s death is shared, the RIP is commented on below. Now, here, if you know what the full form of rip is, then there is no problem, but if you do not know what the Hindi meaning of RIP is, then you will begin to think what it is.

Let me tell you that the complete form of RIP is “Rest in peace” and RIP is written for the dead person for her/his peace.

So now you know what the complete form of rip is and what it means in Hindi. Today many people use this word, so it was important for you to know.

You should know that when a person dies in Catholicism, he is buried in his grave. In the same way, when someone dies, instead, rest In peace is also used. But social networks are famous for the short form and this is the reason why the rest in peace in the commentary is written only in its short form RIP.

RIP is used by most Christians because they do not burn corpses but bury them. It is usually written in the tomb of Catholics, who want eternal peace in peace because death is like a rest for them.

The word RIP is derived from the Latin phrase Requiescat in Peace.

After death, it is also used as a prayer to receive the eternal peace of the soul.

So, in this way, you have understood in detail what is Rip Full form in Hindi / RIP Meaning in Hindi and where and how it is used. Hopefully from now on, when you see these words on social networks, understand what it is written for.

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