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What is IP, What is the Full Form of IP

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IP Full Form

Hi friends, do you have any questions about the IP full form, what is the full form of IP, the IP meanings in Hindi, etc. So this post has proven to be very useful for all of you?

This information related to the Internet will really be useful if you understand it correctly.

In this post, you will be provided with complete information about all the IP addresses and you will also be informed about the complete form of IP, how many types of IP there are and also a lot of information related to the IP …

Full form of IP?

Full form of the IP address – Internet protocol address

IP Full Form in Hindi – What is IP?

The complete form of IP is the Internet Protocol. All of our devices that run the Internet have different device IDs that we call IP address.

When we search for any information on the Internet from our mobile or computer, the same IP address router shows that it has to send the data and then collect the information and send it to the same Internet Protocol address, from where the command was given.

It is composed of 32 bits of binary digits, which is like 1001101010101010100.100110101, which becomes very difficult to remember. Therefore, it is divided into four parts and each part can be between the digits 0 and 255. Ex. –

There are some limitations due to the 32 bits, because if you can make the total IP of all these, then the maximum number will be 4294967296 and, after so much, this can not be done and now it is about to end.

Therefore, we have now developed the new IP address system (IPv4) that has been developed with 128 bits, whose infinite limitations and unlimited IP addresses can be made and this looks like this …

2102: db4: 0: 1134: 0: 367: 1: 2
  • Example of IPv4 address –
  • Example of IPv6 address – 2001: db8: 0: 1234: 0: 567: 8: 1

Classes of IP addresses in Hindi

There are 5 classes for the IP range in the IPv4 address,

  • Class A
  • Class B
    Class c
    Class D
    Class E

In these five ranges of IPv4 only classes A, B and C are used.

IP address format in Hindi

So far only two versions of IP addresses have been developed and the two are listed below …

  • IPv4 (Internet protocol address version 4)
  • IPv6 (Internet Protocol address version 6)

Types of IP addresses in Hindi

There are two types of IP addresses and the two are listed below …

  • Private IP addresses
  • Public IP addresses

What is the private IP address?

When many computers or devices are wired or wireless, they create a private network. Within this network, unique IP addresses are assigned to share files and resources on each device. All IP addresses of the device are called private addresses.

What are public IP addresses?

Public IP addresses are those provided by the Internet service provider. This allows your home network to be recognized in the outside world. This IP address is unique through the internet. Public IP addresses can be static or dynamic.

The static IP address never changes and is mainly used to access the IP camera, the FTP server, the email server or to access another computer remotely. You have to buy it from the ISP.

Dynamic IP addresses use the available IP address and change every time they connect to the Internet. Most Internet users have dynamic IP addresses for their computers, which are disconnected when the Internet is disconnected and receive a new IP address if they reconnect to the Internet.

How to find your IP address?

If you want to know your IP address, search Google “What is my IP address” and after that Google will tell you what your IP address?

This will be your public IP address.

In this way, you can also know your IP address with the help of Google …

If you do not have the internet on your laptop or computer, you can also know your IP address and for this, you must follow the following steps …

  • First, open the execution of the computer and for this, you can use the Window + R button of the shortcut.
  • After that, click here in the cmd box and click on Inter.
  • Now, one will open the window command in it by typing ipconfig and clicking on Enter button.
  • And, therefore, your IP address will be in front of you, which you can write down if you wish.
  • So in this way you know in detail the IP address. You teach that the complete form of IP is, how many types of IP address, the format of the IP address and so many things in a single publication.

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