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What is the IRCTC, IRCTC Full Form?

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If you want to travel by train or want to book tickets online for the same, you can visit the IRCTC without visiting the train ticket counter for booking your tickets.

Yes, in today’s publication, I will give you all the information on how to create a new account in IRCTC.

If you do not have an IRCTC account, you will have to travel to the railroad ticket counter to reserve train tickets and wait in the long line and wait your turn. But if you already have an IRCTC account or create a new IRCTC, then you can book train tickets for yourself or your family without any problem at your home.

You can also book a tatkal train ticket through IRCTC, so this IRCTC website or the IRCTC application will be very useful for all of you.

So, if you want to know what IRCTC is, then let’s start today’s great publication …

What is IRCTC?

First, know the full form of IRCTC and it is Indian Catering and Tourism Corporation.

IRCTC is an important part of Indian Railways, which was built for catering and tourism, but later booking of train tickets online was facilitated. Now when they increase this service, you can also book airline tickets.

if you also need this then just create an IRCTC account. If you create an account on this, you can also book a train ticket from your mobile or computer while sitting at home.

If you want to book by mobile, you can download its mobile application and create a new account in it or you have already created the account, then you can also log in with it.

Or to book train tickets online directly from the computer, you can create a new account using the IRCTC website or log in from the previous account.

For your information, let you know that Indian Railways is the fourth largest rail network in the world and the speed at which it is growing may also appear first or second soon.

The Indian rail network ranks fourth after the United States, China, and Russia. Its head office is located in New Delhi and its official site is https://www.irctc.co.in/, through which you can book train tickets online.

how to create an account in IRCTC

If you want to create an account in IRCTC, you can easily do so by going to its website or creating an account with your mobile application.

Follow the steps below to create an account for IRCTC.

Step 1 First, let’s visit the following link and then fill the requested information correctly. Such as user id, password, name, date of birth, etc.


Step 2 After completing the form, click submit registration form. And then click on accept.

Step 3 Now here you have to verify your email ID and mobile phone number, for which a code will be sent in both, then enter the code there.

Therefore, your account was completed and you are now ready to reserve tickets from your IRCTC account.

How to book train ticket through the IRCTC account

If you wish to book train tickets from your account, follow the steps at the bottom.

  • First, click here to visit its official site.
  • log in with your user ID and password.
  • Then select the station from where you should go.
  • Check seat availability and then click book now.
  • After completing the passenger details, make the payment online for this, and your online train ticket will be reserved and your PNR number will be sent to your mobile. You can print this ticket and you can travel by train.

So, in this great publication today, you all got to know what IRCTC is and how to create your account in IRCTC. If you still have problems, you can write your question in the lower comments box.

Share it with everyone so they can book their train tickets online for their own IRCTC account and stay at home.

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